A Glance at Vivint's Website

While Vivint Solar is a relatively new company (an offshoot of what was APX Alarm) the company has momentum.

Vivint has taken a different approach, offering PPAs, but not leases. (Review: With a solar lease, the company owns the installation, and the homeowner gets whatever power it produces, for a set price. With a PPA (power purchase agreement) the company owns the installation, and the homeowner agrees to pay a certain rate for whatever power is produced.)

I like their site, and think the information's useful. For example, read the following:

Vivant Solar PPA text

As we've discussed when reviewing other sites, the transferability of (or ability to payoff) a lease - or PPA - is a very important issue that everyone considering solar needs to understand. Vivint's relatively new to solar, and hopefully the company will be more specific when they do future site upgrades.

Here's another Vivint webpage: Vivint Solar web page

Let me draw your eye to a portion of the text above:

Vivant Solar PPA promise

Wow - This is nice. It's simple! Note that this type of guarantee requires a power purchase agreement, rather than a lease.

Every lease company states that utility rates will rise without fail, with some otherwise honorable companies making absurd claims re how fast they're likely to increase. Here in northern California, strange things are happening with our tiered rate structure, and the rates for heavy electricity users have actually decreased. Vivint's promise is that they'll charge you less than what you'd otherwise pay, period. I love it! [Update: Websites change all the time, and I no longer can find this text on Vivint's site. So don't asssume that this guarantee exists unless you see it in your contract!]

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