A Glance at SunCap Financial's Website

Itís possible that you havenít heard of SunCap, since it doesnít push its own name as a brand, but instead expects installers to emphasize their own brand. SunCapís quite large though; per the Dec 2011 HomePower Magazine, more than 150 installers in seven states offer leases through SunCap Financial. Although Suncap deemphasizes its own name, the company realizes that homeowners will attempt to research the name on the lease, so they have a site with the expected information on it. Their introductory page is much like the others:

Suncap Financial web page

If you’ve read this website from the first page, everything on the page above should make sense. I dug deeper, clicking on the Frequently Asked Questions link, at the top right.

One page I did find interesting was the following: suncapfinancial.com/sites/default/files/SunCap%20Credit%20REquirements.pdf,  accessed via their FAQs:

Suncap Financial and credit requirements

Wow – Nice detail regarding just how credit scores are evaluated.

Also on the site is a link to their brochure:

SUncap Financial brochure on solar leasing

It's hard to read at this size, but it's pretty basic. The only text that I think is weak is the following:

SunCap Financial's brochure text about escaping leases

As you know by reading this site, when it comes to getting out of a lease, the devil is in the details.

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