How Much Can I Save if I Lease Solar?

One of the biggest solar lease companies heavily advertises that if you have a $200 a month electric bill, you can soon be saving 15% a month. That means you’re still paying $170 a month. Let's be honest: this is pretty boring. But it gets interesting as the years pass by. As long as your lease payment increases less per year than electricity rates, then your savings increase every year. After a decade, the savings can be very meaningful!


My friend has a lease, and his savings are different. Why?

There are two sets of factors that go into determining your lease payment. The first is the cost of the system. The second factor is the mix of financial tweaks that you select in your lease.

Two systems that produce an identical amount of power can cost dramatically different amounts to install.

Here’s an easy install:

Here’s a difficult install:

Difficult installs cost more. Installers have a list of factors they call adders, to bill you for the extra work associated with difficult jobs. And two easy jobs can cost distinctly different amounts, if shade and orientation mean that one location needs 30 panels to produce the electricity that 20 panels produce at the other location.

Besides the install difficulty, and location efficiency, there's the lease. The four factors that vary between leases are deposit, payment, duration and escalator.

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