Are Some Leasing Companies Better than Others?

Define better.  (No – I’m not trying to be cute.  Read on…)

The leasing companies’ real customers are the larger installers. Without becoming the official lease provider for them, they will never get the chance to get your business. When selling themselves to an installer, I’m not sure what attributes they brag about?  Perhaps years in business.  Perhaps an office in the same state.  Or onsite training for the company’s sales force.  And probably the prettiness of the Solar Proposal generated by their software (colorful graphs emphasizing lifetime savings, etc).

I’m not sure that they're able to sell their company on the actual pricing of the leases, since rates always change.

Now as a homeowner, I really don’t care about ANY of those benefits they used to hook the installer.  I care about the rates!  And I also care about the prevalence of gotcha text – little clauses and asides that can be very profitable for the leasing companies.  Not sure what I mean by gotcha text?  Well, the big banks excel at including gotcha text in their agreements. One famous banking example: establishing the right to debit the largest checks first, so that more checks might bounce, and more $25 overdraft penalties can be charged.

For me, rates matter, and the absence of gotcha text.  Some might say that financial security should matter to the homeowner, but I’m not sure that I agree. More on this later.

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