Who Should I Lease From?

Leasing is simply a method of financing an acquisition. I look at it like buying a car. I donít look around to find out who offers a GMAC lease. I look around for a car I like, and then ask about financing. Leasing companies are not installers; they are specialized banks, which agree to pay the installers up-front for the proposed solar installation, IF you agree to pay them their monthly payments.

How Many Leasing Companies are there?

Here in PG&E territory, there are more leasing companies than perhaps any other part of America. Some work just with a single major chain of installers (like GMAC works just with General Motors); others will work with whomever meets their requirements (proper licenses, insurance, perhaps a certain amount of time in business. HomePower Magazine recently published the following list of major financing companies:



CleanPower Finance


Solar Universe

SunCap Financial




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Assorted Lease Companies' Web Pages:
- BrightGrid
- Solar City
- Solar Universe
- SunCap Financial
- Sungevity
- SunPower
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- Vivint Solar

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